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Francesco dell'Orso: his contributions to an international training program in Belgium

in Bibliografie, biblioteche e gestione dell'informazione: un omaggio a Francesco Dell'Orso

di Paul Nieuwenhuysen (in linea da: 9 ottobre 2016)

To keep our memories of Francesco alive, the following brief text gives an overview of his contributions to a series of international training programs that have been organized at the Vrije Universiteit Brussel, in Brussels, Belgium.

The reason why I write this is that I have been the main organizer of these training programs and that I have invited Francesco several times to make a contribution as lecturer in these programs, when his schedule allowed to come to Brussels and when his expertise seemed useful to increase the quality of the next program.

The main subject domain of the programs was management of scientific information. The aims and contents of the programs have been described in several publication listed in the bibliography below, as well as on the website of the university library Each program lasted for 3 months. Participants came from all over the world.

Of course Francesco always contributed on themes that were close to his expertise. These are interrelated:

  • ISBD = International Standard Book Description; the standard to describe books, articles and electronic resources
  • Software for microcomputers to manage and format bibliographic descriptions / citations
  • Z39.50 internet protocol to search various bibliographic databases
  • The structure of a thesaurus with reference to standards
He contributed:

  1. to the session named STIMULATE 2003
  2. to the session named STIMULATE 2006
  3. to the session named STIMULATE 2007
  4. to a special session for participants from universities that co-operate formally with Belgium, named STIMIUC in 2009
Besides our professional relation, we found the time to taste a high quality Belgian beer in the old part of Brussels or he visited Antwerpen, the town where I live. These are nice memories.

[Francesco Dell'Orso and students, Belgium 2009]
Photo that shows Francesco together with students, participants to the program in 2009.


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